Capricorn Facts you need to know

People who are born between 23rd December and 19th January are Capricorns. It is one of the most stable sign tenth sign of the zodiac, ruled by Saturn, and it is symbolized by the Sea-Goat.The goat of Capricorn represents the steady rise of an individual through adversity and challenges towards a better position. This is why Capricorn personalities are depicted as ambitious and focussed individuals.They are known for their free spirit and strong will power.
Personality traits of a Capricorn:

C for confident

A for analytical

P for practical

R for responsible

I for intelligent

C for caring

O for organised

R for realistic

N for neat

King Maker:

Traditionally, these individuals are more comfortable in positions beside the king, rather than sitting on the throne themselves. They know that being the leader does not always necessitate being out in front or on show.

Capricorn love life

They are very humble lovers and if they are in a relationship, they give their hundred percent. Sometimes they have to face major ups and downs in their lives but with a little understanding and trust, they can overcome all their fears. They can be very self-center at times but it happens in rare cases. Usually, Capricorns have very attractive personalities, and people who do not know them are easily attracted to them. They are very faithful lovers but they are also very jealous and possessive

Suitable occupations for them

They set high standards for themselves and their honesty, dedication, and perseverance will lead them to their goals. They value loyalty & hard work on all other things, due for this reason they keep associates with these qualities close even when they might be intellectually inferior. indeed, hard-working is their secret Weapon. Capricorns are resourceful, who get the job done, don’t mind long hours, and commits to the final product completely. They shine in jobs that include management, finance, programming, and calculations. Deeply rooted in the system they live in, a Capricorn needs all of their paperwork in a perfect manner, their documents clean, and their file impeccable. They want the best out of life, and so they want the best woman, the best house, the best car and so on

Health concerns

They face principal health worries in all levels of their lives from cradle to grave. Capricorn may also face problems related to skin, knees, bones, digestive systems, and eyes. Deafness, Bright’s disease, rheumatism, and catarrh are the most common diseases on this particular sun sign


Capricorns, for all their endearing and impressive nice qualities, some do have some very unsightly traits; being miserly with money and pessimistic.


There could be times when the Capricorns might seem melancholy and also depressed. They have the tendency to become melancholy due to which they want someone who can make them happy as well.


One of the unknown traits of Capricorns is their unforgiving nature. They are notoriously unforgiving when it comes to perceiving others as lacking in ambition and diligence.


Capricorns are very suspicious when things are too easy, as they hate when things are going too well and think everyone is out to get them. They are naturally suspicious people and will trust you until you give them a reason not to.

Compatibility with other signs

Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, and Pisces are the most compatible signs with Capricorn. Aries and Libra are the least compatible signs with Capricorn.

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As a cardinal signal, Capricorn holds the characteristics of being an achiever, a builder, and a climber, able to set and overcome the loftiest desires one step at a time. Those born with the sign of the Sea-Goat outstanding of their charts are extraordinary at being determined, consistent, and reliable. They regularly over-deliver on their guarantees and take their honor and public recognition very seriously

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