Create an Impactful CV in order to Get a Job Interview

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Drawing up a CV is an essential preliminary step in a job search. It is a delicate task in which you take stock of your experience and skills in order to summarize and enhance them. Remember that the main objective of a resume is to attract the recruiter’s attention so that they give you a job interview.

You will show during the interview that you are the perfect fit for the vacancy. It is then important to build an impactful curriculum vitae to improve your chances for landing a job.

The Criteria of a Good CV

First of all, we highly advise you to use a CV creator online in order to save time and obtain a better result when making your CV. You have to make a curriculum vitae that arouses the curiosity of the recruiter. For this purpose, it should meet the following criteria:

  • A readable and airy layout that makes the recruiter want to read it;
  • The language used must be clear and professional;
  • The content must be 100% relevant;
  • Your professional ambitions and your skills must be clearly stated.

Create a CV for each Job Application

To stand out from the other candidates, it is not advisable to reuse a single CV for all of the positions you are applying for. Instead, you should always adapt your CV to the job offer to which you are responding. In other word, you have to modify the title and the keywords according to each target company. You also have to sort out your qualifications and experiences and only mention those which are related to the job sought. Make sure that the catchphrase corresponds to the targeted position. Work on the consistency of your skills.

Choose the Right CV Template

With a CV generator, you get a comprehensive tool designed to easily create your CV online. It will guide you at each stage of the drafting. But before all, you have to choose an appropriate CV template. Use a modern template because the form and layout should make the recruiter want to read the content.

In general, a dynamic CV with a sober presentation allows you to present your background and objectives effectively. There are certain rules about how to present a resume. Organize the different blocks in a hierarchical manner: personal information, CV title, education (it precedes experience for young graduates), work experience, languages and IT skills, hobbies

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