Dazzling Colors of Diamond for Jewelry

Some of the naturally existing elements have allotropic forms; carbon is one of them having allotropies graphite and diamond. Aries Birthstone, the hardest stone exits beneath the earth rocks. It is for embellishment in various colors when embedded in jewelry, create a new introduction for it. Reasonable numbers of individuals that have a keen interest in jewelry are still away from various colors of diamonds. Aries Birthstone color with its glamorous look is always the choice of elite class for ornamentation and internal pleasure after wearing it. Greater numbers of stone lovers prefer to wear the white diamond and they keep other stones at less priority. Diamond is used in the commercial area at a very broad level for creating shine on tools and for cutting devices are very popular in scientific apparatus.

The color complexion of diamond in various colors is given step by step below

Diamond in Brown Color

This birthstone is used very few in numbers but its demand in the commercial area is increasing with the expansion of commercial zones. Its color is a resemblance to chocolate that is why it is pronounced with this name and is discovered in the USA and Australia.

Diamond in Orange Color

Nitrogen element is naturally a part of the gemstone and the same is with this Aries Birthstone. This element in the stone consumes nitrogen in the blue and yellow regions for the production of orange color.

Diamond in Green Color

Chemical reactions below the earth occur time and again, the green color gets its real complexion when it is very near to the first layer of earth. With the entrance of radiations in the light spectrum, a red and yellow region of the light spectrum gives birth to the green light. These stones are discovered in Africa and South Africa.

Diamond in Blue Color

Blue color stone is the result of carbon to born bonding in the area of the spectrum were three colors first green, second red, and third yellow form an array of light. The result of this amalgamation of colors produces blue complexion in the stone.

Diamond in Pink Color

The dynamic behavior of temperature and pressure always starts in the inner layers of the rocks. When these natural chemical reactions go high, the crystal lattice to crook causing the pink diamond formation. These are very light intensity stones.

Diamond in Red Color

For its occurrence, the same natural reactions come in existence and when the intensity of the pink color is increased, it gives birth to red color. Because of its natural low-level existence, its portability in all areas of the globe is impossible. So, most jewelers have no knowledge about this stone.

Diamond in Purple Color

This gemstone exists in very less numbers with a small size having similar natural formation mechanisms matching with a pink stone. Its origin is Siberia. These are very few popular stones.

Diamond in Violet Color

Aries’s stones in purple color are established very low numbers. Pink and this stone have the same resources underneath the earth. Its element is Hydrogen but the exact technique is not yet discovered. The maximum size for this stone is 1 carat. Below this size violet gemstone are in the market.

Diamond in White Color

This diamond is very expensive and the choice of every lady of the world. It is also a colorless diamond.

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