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disposable gloves

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Disposable gloves and shoe covers are actively used by the health care and medical staff to combat the spread of deadly COVID-19 and people are now wearing them in public too. As you all know the pandemic has affected the world and has taken a significant toll on our life, the countries are taking stringent measures to slow down the spread.

Disposable gloves and shoe covers are used by health professionals to prevent the risk of infection. However, it is important to use them adequately and properly or they may increase the risk.

When you enter into a convenience store, the probability is that you will notice shoppers and sellers wearing latex gloves or vinyl gloves as they move the shopping carts around.

Slide a pair on and be safe. Always remember you can use them once and you must carefully take them off and instantly dispose of.

No, you are not over conscious, the Coronavirus is still here, and taking precautions for safety is important.
The pandemic has changed the way we do a lot of things, including how we shop for groceries and everyday essentials. Isn’t it?

If you wear PPE, you must be well versed in the protection they provide and understand the significance of using and removing them safely.

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Types of Disposable gloves
● Latex Gloves
● Disposable Vinyl gloves
● Surgical hand gloves
● Nitrile Gloves

How to choose?

There are myriad options available. Durability, safety, comfort may differ between the types of gloves. The decision can be overwhelming for you because of wide varieties. So, let’s get a fair idea of why there are myriad options. Once you figure out this, the choice becomes easier.

For maximum safety, it is advised to use the right gloves and as well as dispose of them safely.

Latex Gloves
Ideal for
• Medical Professionals
• Professionals working in the beauty and wellness industry
• Fits like a second skin
• High level of touch sensitivity
• Biodegradable features

These gloves are ideal for a task that requires flexibility and movement.

Ideal for
● Comes in both thin and thick sizes.
● ideal for short term usage
● Comes in two types
● Good for low risk
● Low budget
● Those who are allergic to latex

Vinyl gloves powder free – ideal and most suitable for the food industry. Powder-free gloves could be more expensive.

Powdered – resistant to wear and tear and rips.

Wearing gloves and shoe covers is a safety measure against COVID-19

The shoe cover is highly effective protective equipment used at various places such as hospitals, food industry, offices, chemical industries, etc to minimize body exposure to discharges.

How to remove your gloves?

Go through the below steps carefully.

A simple task, you might think, but it is not as straightforward as it may appear. It is important to know how to remove your gloves carefully.
● Make sure you hold the gloves from inside without touching your skin.
● Grab the first glove at your wrist and try to pull it away from your arm.
● As you remove the glove downward, let it get fold inside out.
● And with your ungloved hand, slide your fingers under the wrist of the second glove.
● Turn the second glove inside out with your finger.

Very important! Do not touch the outer surface. Don’t touch your face with gloves or do not try to adjust your PPE with contaminated gloves. A small mistake could land you and your dear ones in trouble. Be safe and sensible.

Final Words

Hope now you have a better understanding of the disposable gloves and shoe cover usage. Some gloves are fully or partially textured or some may have a smooth finish. Choose a glove that fits you well and designed for the intended purpose. If used and removed properly, these disposable gloves offer significant safety against infection and contamination. Make sure you properly check the rips and puncture of gloves before purchase.

Hope it has been a useful read. Until we come up with another blog have a great time.

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