Seiko Or Citizen: Which One Is Better?

The Japanese watch brands, Seiko and Citizen, boast with high-class watches and top-notch technologies. But which one’s better?

When starting with history, then Seiko gets a nudge for being around for a couple of decades longer – it was established in 1881. Citizen’s roots date back to 1918. During the 20th century, Seiko came out with numerous groundbreaking innovations, with the most notable of them the quartz technology in 1969 and Kinetic movement in 1988. On the other hand, Citizen made itself famous with first-ever titanium watch in 1970 and atomic timekeeping piece in 1993.

Technology-wise, both brands belong to the very top, providing buyers with solar-powered movement and GPS-enabled timekeeping. Seiko’s GPS technology edges Citizen, while the latter’s solar technology outranks Seiko’s equivalent. The biggest difference between them lies in their specialization to watch movements when Seiko emphasises more automatic and Citizen quartz timekeeping.

Quality-wise, they are on par, providing high-quality materials and watch complications. The looks of watches are not far apart from each other but still have some discrepancies – when Seiko attracts more classic style admirers, then Citizen watches dare to show a bit more flare.


Although Seiko has some of its wristwear priced at about $100, the average price of their watches is nevertheless slightly higher than Citizen’s average price.

All in all, Seiko has a more successful history and groundbreaking innovations, especially quartz technology. Both brands excel with high-quality watch materials and movements, as well as appealing looks. Price-wise, however, Citizen gets the nudge for being more affordable.

So, which one’s better? For some, it will be Seiko, whereas others will find Citizen better. The winner out of the Seiko vs Citizen comparison will be down to personal preferences in aesthetics because quality-wise they are unbelievably equal.

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