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If we take every step in business for logical reasons, we will go ahead with a step at a steady speed in our business. For YouTube Marketing, a question often stimulates the brain “ Why we are too curious about video marketing on YouTube ?”. Video marketing is growing at an unexpected speed and it is also rewarding. It is the winner of online marketing. If online entrepreneurs are not showing interest in video marketing, their competitors will win the game and they will be in the list of losers. I think it is not an overstatement. Video marketing on social getting responses and watching conversion rates will promote your interest in the business.

With the use of a YouTube video platform, you will create a video library. From this library, it is an open choice for you to use the video on any platform. Moreover, you can embed your video on your website and can divert referral traffic from YouTube to your website.

YouTube audiences are well aware of the searching mechanism of videos on YouTube as well as on Google to search their desired content with relative keywords. If you have optimized your video with keywords that are matching with the niche, your audiences will establish a link with you through organic searches and finally, you will save yourself from spending huge money on Facebook ads.

A Comparison of YouTube with other Social Networks

YouTube videos are similar to blog posts that are designed on the niche of content marketing. In blogging, there is an open option of comments, and vlogging the same doors are open for audiences.  Audiences select the videos to get information about the nice for which they have searches the videos not to share their thoughts. This is the main difference between YouTube and other social network platforms.

The main differences are given below

  • In case of YouTube videos, people access your videos through organic
    searches whereas in social networks you are approached through paid ads
    that is very cost-effective.
  • On the YouTube platform, viewers watch the videos instead of discussing
    videos but on social networks, tagging the contents and discussing the
    contents are the main objectives.

To score high conversion rate, create a stunning videos that should be viral instantly. Viral videos score high watch time that get ranking instantly.

YouTube Frequent Updates

YouTube freshly introduced some changes on its platform, we are here addressing them

  • Annotations on YouTube are no further available on YouTube and these are
    replaced with “End Screens” that appear at the end of each video.
  • On the mobile speed of the video can be increased or decreased.
  • Now monetization criterion on YouTube is changed, for monetization on
    YouTube you need 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watch time.
  • YouTube also has improved comment moderation tools.

If you have finalized to go for YouTube video marketing, you need to get practical knowledge about any graphic design tool for video creation and modification. We suggest you create your custom YouTube Thumbnail as this is the main source of traffic on social media marketing. For this purpose, the YouTube Thumbnail Size of this video must meet the YouTube standard.

Here is latest post on cool fact about YouTube thumbnail designs ideas & facts, worth it reading!

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